What does CRM stand for?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems exist for as long as there are customers and businesses. It is not the first time that CRMs appeared as a business jargon; in fact, it has been there since trade started. And as we go along with the progressive development of the world, of course, we also have to consider upgrading our CRM.


Although, we believe that the only permanent thing in the world is change, we also agree that some things just have to stay as it is with a few touch ups. Like the goal of CRMs to blend businesses together with effective marketing efforts not just to gain new customers but to keep them as well. You don’t want to blow your money just by letting go of every unsatisfied customer because you failed to deal with what they needed and wanted. Aside from losing customers, you also don’t want to have a tarnished reputation to prospective customers when they learn about how you lost some clients. Of course, nobody wants that, right?


Because we are living in a progressive world with plenty of technological advancements, you also have to raise the bar and not settle with old-fashioned ways of handling a business. Your customers will always look for more and sometimes compare with your business competitors so it’s always better to step up your game. Awareness and improvement are essential keys to maintain a high-quality business environment to keep your customers who have high expectations very, very satisfied.


This is how Customer Relationship Management helps you: by knowing and understanding ahead what your customers need and want and to design your marketing plan based on their expectations. With this, you can assure your customers that everything is well-planned before business completion.


By keeping your customers impressed with a concrete marketing plan and business design, they will keep your service and not eye for another company to handle their concerns. You know what they need, want, and expect. What more can they ask for?


Even if the goal of CRM today is almost still the same as in the past, remember that the competition gets tougher as time progresses. The most effective way to step up your battle is with a strong and competitive customer relationship management system that is very manageable, easy to use, handles everything for you, and gives you more time dealing with your customers’ needs and expectations.

CRM Systems Keep Things Intact

In wanting your business to achieve success, you have to accept the fact that things have evolved through time. Customers are not just looking for businesses close to them, as the Internet lets them search all over the globe to find what they’re looking for. Though it may not be sensible to do so, the Internet gives a wide coverage. And even if your company tends to fall in a listing that needs to be local, you’re still required to cope with the internet.

Using the power of social media

Social media is definitely here to stay – people are into it, and everyone can create content. If you would like your business to flourish in this digital era, you are obliged to maintain favorable connections with your customers. There should be a compelling motivation for them to come to you and stick with you instead of them looking for another company to invest their resources with.

Online customer service through your website

Similarly, you would want to be in a situation where you can benefit from the possible customers looking for a fresh company to transact with. Set up a favorable online visibility of your own and make sure it is user friendly. Arrange your website in such a way that customers can find the answers to the questions in their heads on their own. They will surely be grateful to find the information they need available 24/7, and that you’ll be equipping them with excellent customer service to begin with, so that they wouldn’t need to talk to a real person.

What to put in your site? Include FAQs, videos, applications for download, and setup an online community so people can talk about their issues with fellow customers.

Organize things with your CRM

Once you get your customers’ information, then it should also eventually land in the customer relationship management system. This will allow you to trace back the requirements and concerns of possible customers, helping you serve them more efficiently. Your CRM system will give you every online potential customer with smooth service by collecting and recalling critical customer information.

Making an effort to heed their needs, this will make your customers feel important. Your staff can be more efficient in their work because of the easy access to critical customer data. They can also easily collaborate since they are all together on the same page. It is the ideal marriage between customer service and technology, which will lead to satisfied customers and sharing positive reviews on social networking sites.

Even better, when these potential customers go directly to your company, all of your company members get access to the same data. You will be able to find out what they are looking for, what their issues or concerns are, and other pertinent data about them.

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Gaining Customer Trust with CRM Systems

In business, the after service for a particular service or product is something that many are concerned about. There are businesses that tend to forget the after-sales service, concerned more about consummating a sale and eventually forgetting their customer after.

While there are companies that have customer relations departments, manual means is a thing of the past. These days, companies intend to grow, and hence, the need to invest in a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) has become a prime need. Some entities may find the investment too much and something they can opt not to get. However, all that changes once the customer database starts to grow and the need to properly address their concerns sinks in.

Technology has actually made it easier for businesses these days, making it possible to address customer concerns with a single click. A CRM system makes browsing customer information easier. Aside from that, other customer relationship employees are able to pull out records and view their history.

This way, they can more or less gauge if customer concerns are addressed, not to mention identify recurring problems which may require deeper attention.


A CRM system covers more ground

A Customer Relationship Management system can gain larger ground in the long run. Aside from the fact that it is a modern way of handling customers, it weeds out the potential issues of person-to-person interaction. This includes having to backtrack on a customer’s history which is practically like starting from scratch.

With a CRM system present, you are able to cover a larger volume of customers. On such days, the likeliness of restless clients may ensue and result in a not so good ending.

But thanks to the efficiency that a CRM system brings, everything can be easily addressed and resolved, all with a single click. This limits the possibility of dissatisfied customers, not to mention ones that may decide to stop doing business with you in the future.


Keeping customers happy

With growing companies, a busy and high volume day is not surprising. Hence, a CRM system can do its part especially when the customer representative needs to make an immediate check on the customer’s records. After skimming and looking at the customer information, buckling down and addressing the concern at hand can be discussed and eventually resolved from there.

This is a big improvement compared to before when people would have to write notes to be guided on a customer’s information and transaction history. That alone is time-consuming which may not sit well with waiting customers.

But now, the modern age has changed all that. Customer reps can easily keep track of their clients where pertinent information and reminders can be easily seen.

With an advanced setup, all employees have to do is recall the customer record and skim through the individual’s information. In most cases a history of their complaints and issues is likewise present, keeping employees up to date on the customer’s status.

Customers love attention

Good or bad, anybody who has complaints or queries will always want to be given attention. Ideally for companies who make use of a CRM system, the initial input of data will be the hardest. But once you update the client record when needed, everything should be easy sailing from there.

The Difference CRMs Bring to Business

Small, medium, and large businesses will have their share of customers. With that in mind, many will be coming back either to get another product or service or seek some help. The volume of queries may vary but the thing is that customers do come back.

This is one of the reasons why companies would need a customer service department to entertain returning customers. But keep in mind that as years pass and the business grows so does its customer base. So would that mean that it is time to get a Customer Relations Management system?

Such could be a question thrown to companies, big and small alike. But more importantly, valuing your customers is a priority. Normally, they would call or send in messages waiting to be answered, but for some reason have to wait in queue. While some customers may understand, there are those who may not. And should companies ignore this, the end result could be costly and bad for their business.

No one waits. Fortunately, a CRM system can provide some aid to your current staff of customer representatives. But do keep in mind that the solution is only a supplement. CRM systems delay and improvise for the time being. At the end of it all, the fact remains that customers want results and they want it fast.

Providing customers with an unforgettable experience

Companies strive to provide their clients a satisfactory experience. A CRM system may help in doing that, aiding your staff and/or providing basic solutions which would depend on the problem at hand.

Depending on how complicated a company’s CRM system is, the various issues and problems can be addressed accordingly. Not only can it help address simple complaints, it also becomes a proper reference for clients and customer representative to resolve issues.

However, it does remain that human interaction and intervention is still a need. Ideally and depending on what customers may want clarification for, people can provide immediate solutions which customers will want immediately.

Once properly aided, customers are expected to express their content for the assistance and time rendered on them. This results in happy customers which eventually speak well on how an organization values its clients.

Building new tactics from existing customers

One thing that a CRM system can provide is to assess your existing customers. It is a fact that reeling in new customers can be difficult so why not simply take care of your existing and loyal ones?

Depending on how you handle it, a CRM system can more or less provide you with additional information and interests that a certain customer carries. Providing them with service and somehow studying their interests could become a window for future offers on existing and new products/ services.

This tactic should not be treated as a remedy for your sales efforts. Rather, it should be used to append existing sales and marketing tactics which can eventually result in new sales and new clients.

CRM: Everything in One Place

The lead management software is the perfect way for a company to manage its sales leads and prospects. It has a way to track your leads so that you will know not only who these people are but also how and where you got these leads. As these leads start to come in, you will be able to filter out the bad leads from the good ones, so that you and your staff will remain productive and no time and effort is wasted on people who are not willing to buy your products or services. This tool will also come in handy in order to maintain a professional relationship with your leads.

Tracks where your leads come from

The lead management software is the perfect tool in today’s corporate world. With this, you can tell where your lead came from: your website, your email marketing campaigns, a direct dial system, print advertisements, or mailers. Once you know the sources of these leads, you will be able to save lots of money on marketing. You will then concentrate all of the marketing efforts on the strategies that gave way to these results. No effort and funds are wasted on campaigns that do not work. Rather, you put the money in the sources that do work.

Easily customizable

A lead management software system allows you to customize its user interface, and gives you capability to name files, tabs, and dashboards. A custom-fit and personalized application will make it easier for you to use it, and you don’t have to learn generic titles and names that are not in any way related to your business and brand. This tool allows you to use terms that you are familiar and comfortable with.

Integrated With Your Resources

If you are already using a CRM system, then the lead management software is the perfect accessory to it. Every information gathered from your leads flows into one database, which allows you to manage your contacts. The good news is that a lot of CRM systems already have the lead management system included in their features.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

The lead management software system is not just managing data. More importantly, it is about being able to deliver the message to your target audience. The lead management system tool should be able to keep in contact with every lead created. You can also personalize or tailor-fit the message into something that is very personal and relatable to its recipient. This will result in a very good experience among all the people involved in the whole process.

Keeping track of any kind of information related to your prospect can have a great impact on your sales targets and quotas. You would be able to see your lead’s interests and passions, which will allow the sales department to use that information in their marketing efforts. There will be less effort and less annoyance for you and your staff. Your customer will have an improved experience with your company and will likely patronize your business. This is a win-win situation.

Managed Logix CRM: Perfect for your Student Loan Company

Student loan companies find that they have some requirements that are definitely different from other businesses. However, it’s not a surprise that such a company will also be having problems with trying to keep updated with all of their existing and potential clients. A small error can cost you a lot of problems, time and money, so you will need a good CRM to make sure that you are up-to-date with all of the information that should be available to you.

To do that, you have the Managed Logix CRM at your service. With this software, you can manage all of the company’s accounts without a hitch. On the contrary we provide other features: our CRM gives you the ability to also handle different requirements like following up on your customers. If you have ever been faced with the problems of trying to keep up with all of the people that have connected with your company, your solution has come in the form of Managed Logix’ CRM.

An integrated information system

A great advantage to using our CRM is that it is fully integrated with all of your student loan information. It makes it easy for you to hold and manage everything such as finding the specific people you are looking for, along with any collection records. Instead of looking for two different applications that will work in your concierge or customer service desktops, and another one with the people who are managing the loans themselves, you now have integrated software that can be used all throughout the company.

Because of the Managed Logix CRM, you can find a client and easily receive all the information linked to that customer. This means that when you search for a specific customer, you can view a summary of their current account along with things that need your attention, such as necessary follow-ups, or pending collections. Since the system makes it possible for you to minimize the errors of all data input, you no longer need to worry about the money and time that might be wasted because of input issues.

Efficient and powerful

Managed Logix helps bring your company to the next level, as the software gives you the power to see into your whole company with a few clicks. If it was a problem trying to find out almost anything before, you can now access anything and everything within all of your departments and branches with a few keystrokes. Additions also occur in real time, so now it is perfectly easy for you to see, view, and receive any edits that are made to a customer’s account, making the whole system far more efficient. All of the information can be made available to anyone who needs it, so that every employee has the ability to properly assist the customer, no matter what department they are in.

Email campaigns

Not only can the Managed Logix CRM help you with following up on students and their loans, it can also help you remind your customers about incoming collection dates, and even update them with new promos or information that will benefit them.

To accomplish that goal, the Managed Logix CRM decided to partner up with SMTP to improve all of your drip email campaigns. Drip email campaigns can be used to send emails to your customers that will make sure that their experience with you is remarkable, and SMTP will help improve that service.

SMTP is a highly commendable company that is known for making sure that all of the emails are sent and delivered accordingly. Instead of worrying about whether or not your emails will be received, you now only have to worry about creating appropriate and informative emails that you can send to your clients. Working with the Managed Logix CRM will give you that advantage and more.

Get the Managed Logix CRM now so that all of the information you need will be made available in one powerful and efficient integrative system. Get rid of all the time, money and information inefficiencies so that you will be left with the most efficient student loan company around.

How a CRM can be Useful to Your Business

Every business decision requires a lot of thought. When businesses invest on a system such as a customer relationship management system, they have high expectations of the benefits it could bring to the business. It’s not really surprising considering that CRMs are a sure-fire method of helping a business grow and succeed. With a CRM you can focus your business to a certain goal and achieve it at a faster pace.

If you are clueless as to what a CRM can do for you, then here are a few things you would need to expect should you intend to use it for your business:

1. Systematic data storage facility

In any business, data comes from all shapes and forms. It could come from paper, an email, by phone, or even on a piece of napkin. Because of these various methods of sending and receiving information, it is quite easy to lose them. Aside from that, because all of your data is not systematically confined in one form and space, not everyone can have full access to such important pieces of information. A CRM changes that. It helps you organize things and create a useful information space that everyone in your team can see easily view through your company’s database.

2.Better opportunities

Because all the useful information is put in one accessible place, you will never have problems with losing essential opportunities. Every account you have is all in one place, which means there are no more chances of having any neglected or inactive accounts.

3. Guidance and direction

Managing and supervising a sales team is difficult to do when a team leader cannot clearly identify what each person must do. However with CRM, team leaders are given the opportunity to guide and supervise their people effectively by simply viewing the CRM and checking which salesperson is assigned to certain customers. Through this method, people work more effectively, providing greater chances of reaching business goals.

4. Increase in sales

Since a CRM is used not only by you, but also by your employees, activities are easily coordinated which ultimately results to an increase in sales and even opportunities for territorial expansions. With an effective CRM, everyone can be focused in moving your business in the right direction.

5. More informed decisions

Ultimately, it is you who leads your business, and creates important decisions. Hence, it is essential that with each decision, you have a basic understanding of the – statistics, a financial statement, anything that will help you make better and more informed choices for the benefit of your company. The CRM can help you do just that. It is designed to provide businesses with essential data and reports that you need, to allow you to see the exact standing of your company and other necessary information for proper and effective decision making.

Ultimately, people have utmost control regarding a company’s success, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a helping hand. Take this opportunity by using our CRM for your company to ensure that everyone is in line with your business endeavors.