5 Things that a CRM Cannot Do

While it is true that an engaging and interactive relationship with your customers can benefit the company, there are certain things that a CRM cannot do. However, a CRM can still be a useful resource for you to get and retain your customers. A CRM can certainly create a huge difference in a very competitive industry.

Here are just some things you should not expect CRM to do for you:

1.  Increase satisfaction.

A CRM can help you by providing knowledge about your customers. Yes, a CRM may contain relevant information about your customers – their wants and needs – but ultimately, the one who has the capability to satisfy them will be you and your staff. A CRM should be able to store everything, including negative feedback or comments and previous interactions. Use the data gathered from the CRM to create happy customers.

2.  Increase profits.

A CRM cannot increase the income of the company based on its own merits. But what it does is give you the information needed to do so. It is now your task to read the data provided by CRM and determine what to do with it to increase return of investment. The CRM is your tool; use it to your advantage.

3.  Increase market share.

CRM cannot directly help you increase your target audience or niche, but it is a useful task in providing relevant data and reports about your target audience, which you can use to enlarge market share. Use the information that you gather from CRM to come up with brilliant marketing campaigns and engaging copy that will evoke prospective customers’ interests.

4.  Retain loyal customers.

CRM can certainly guide you into the right way, but on its own, it won’t make your customers stick to your brand. Customer retention will be based on you and your company. Take note, however, that customers will keep on patronizing your business if they experience an improvement on the products and services that you provide. This is where the CRM can help you. It should be able to determine preferences of your clients. Use this to come up with new products or services based on the needs and wants presented by the data coming from the CRM tool.

5.  Reach sales quota.

Use the CRM dialer to keep track of any related information about sales, including the numbers still needed to meet quotas and goals. Use the CRM to your advantage by filtering the customers who need special attention. You can then focus your attention and strengths on them so you can win them over to your side. The end result? Increased sales numbers that can help reach your targets.

These things shouldn’t stop you from using a CRM tool. It can indirectly help you increase sales and profits, and at the same time, make customers happy that they stay with you. Just note that there will always be things that a CRM cannot do. Don’t allow these to deter you; instead, use it to focus on the things that you can change. Eventually, frequent use of the CRM will lead to an improved and healthier relationship with your clients, which will lead to profits in the long run.

by Scarlett Xu