CRM Software

CRM is the abbreviated form of Customer Relationship Management, which is a platform created to organize customer data in a way that will increase customer relationship and the overall average revenue per user (ARPU). CRM systematizes all communication as it happens between businesses and their end users, the customers. This systemization of customer, business interaction will further help your business, with the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to increase profits and sales. The information provided through your business’s CRM is then used to target your specific marketing needs; meaning, you get to focus on marketing ventures that aids with revenue maximization; thus reducing time wasted on unqualified customers. With the use of CRM, the way business operates has changed. Managed Logix’s CRM solution is integrated directly into your business’s contact center to direct customers’ calls and queries to the right source or agent. The CRM system is so well developed; you can also use it to recognize your most loyal customers over a given time frame. With the use of Managed Logix’s intelligent sales automation and CRM, your leads are prioritized. This means that we provide your business with an optimized and organized approach to collecting, categorization and distributing leads. The goal of our sales automation is to provide your business with the highest conversion rate possible. To do this, our sales automation system works simultaneously with your existing CRM (or the one we provide you with) to prioritize your leads with the most qualified leads to follow-up on. The Managed Logix’s CRM Software is an integral part of your business solution!