Managed Logix brings success to companies in many industries, which means when you
utilize our services, you get a distinct advantage over your competition.

You’ve perfected your campaign creative, offer, and media. Now how would you like to increase your results and have a front row seat into the minds of your buyers and prospects?

With Managed Logix’s optimization suite, now you can:

  • – Studies have shown an increase inbound response by 25% to a whopping 69%!
  • – Leverage the capability of multiple call centers to increase close rates and average order value.
  • – Glean demographic and consumer insight that will help you target your messaging and media more effectively.

Whether you’re trying to make the most of a dealer locator, optimize a franchise model, or simply trying to manage appointments by location, Managed Logix can help you make the most of your inbound leads by:

  • – Enabling you to leverage the power of a national advertising campaign.
  • – Leads generated can then be dispersed to the appropriate locations using Managed Logix’s intelligent call routing platform.
  • – And more leads will come your way when you leverage RapidRecall, our bank of memorable toll-free numbers proven to increase inbound leads by 25%– 69%.

Marketers appealing to consumers on a direct basis need every possible advantage to help them reach consumers in today’s hyper-competitive world. That’s why many of the highest-ranking campaigns consistently depend upon Managed Logix to:

  • – Increase their inbound call volume with easy-to-recall toll-free numbers.
  • – Ensure their inbound leads are handled with both speed and efficiency using skill-based call routing.
  • – Use Managed Logix’s proprietary call tracking software to create a continuous feedback loop that enables them to perfect their campaigns.

Leads are a franchise’s lifeblood. That’s why many of the country’s most successful franchises use Managed Logix to help make sure their inbound lead funnel is optimized by:

  • – Pumping up the volume of their inbound leads by using toll-free numbers that are easy for prospects to recall.
  • – Use Managed Logix’s intelligent call routing platform to send leads to the most relevant geo-targeted franchisee.
  • – Record and monitor calls to make sure that prospect’s questions are answered accurately and efficiently.

The best lawyers have the best numbers and the best numbers deliver the best clients. That’s why leading legal firms turn to Managed Logix to:

  • – Provide relevant and memorable toll-free numbers such as 800-06-LEGAL that studies show can deliver 25%–69% more inbound leads.
  • – Route specialized leads such as tort claims to firms that are licensed to handle cases based upon specific geographical regions.
  • – Provide intelligent voice recognition to help screen qualified leads.

Financial Services often require telemarketers with a specialized skill set that enables them to make consumers feel comfortable. Whether that is a telemarketing center with limited hours or smaller units spread out geographically, many financial services companies depend upon Managed Logix to:

  • – Provide complex routing services that enable calls to be routed with precision down to the individual desk level, if necessary.
  • – Boost inbound call volume by leveraging memorable toll-free numbers such as 1-800-555-CASH that are proven to increase leads by double digits.
  • – Listen to calls to ensure that all regulatory protocols are being followed.