Online Training Courses

Online Training Course

Easily train your agents with Managed Logix Student Loan Consolidation Online Courses.

Managed Logix now offers a fun and interactive training solution just for you! Our new online Student Loan Consolidation series courses, make your training process interactive with tracking and analysis for all of your new hires!

Simply email any of the 7 lessons to your trainees to view and complete by taking a short quiz and earning a certificate.

This new online training program not only automates your agents training process, maintains a consistent training course for all your new hires, but also saves you thousands of dollars on training.

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Managed Logix Online Training Courses including features like:

Tutorial Certification
Trainees need to create a personal account before watching the tutorials. Each tutorial is followed by a short quiz. After the trainee finishes a course, he/she needs to answer a few questions based on the training video. A completion email will be sent to a trainee if he/she passes the exam. Trainees can download their completion certificate or retake this course from their own account.




Tutorial Analysis

Tutorial Administrator Dashboard

Analyzing Training Process

From the dashboard, an administrator is able to monitor all trainees’ activities and easily manage, arrange, customize, distribute, track the training process, and review the advanced report for better understanding.







Lessons Managed Logix offers:

ML- 1A Student Debit Crisis;
ML- 1B Intro to Consolidation;
ML- Advisor_Defaulted Loans;
ML- Advisor_Income Drive Plans;
ML- Advisor_Group 1 Conventional Repayment Plans;
ML- Advisor_Group 2 Income Driven Forgiveness Plans;
ML- Public Service Loan Forgiveness;
ML- Intro to Co Service.

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