Capture the Refinance and Mortgage Market

With Managed Logix you will be provided with unmatched insights into lead conversion and how to close the final sale. Our system will help you attract both the refinancing and mortgage market; with our automated system, retaining these markets will be a simple and painless task as well.

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Stay Ahead Of The Game And Build Lasting Relationships

Managed Logix’s One Business Solution is an integrated solution for brokers and loan officers alike. This system facilitates these individuals with the needed technology and equipment to better communicate with their consumers, while providing transparency to realtors, consumers and all vested stakeholders during the loan process.

The Managed Logix solution is one tailored to meet all mortgage professional needs as it relates to quick response to incoming leads. Our next generation call tracking software offers a valuable service to businesses dependent on incoming phone inquiries, providing the ultimate solution for leads generated through various avenues such as marketing automation systems, web forms, inbound calls, real-time lead providers and so much more. Once the lead is directed to your server, your sales team will simply need to assess the type of loan required and then determine the stage at which the borrower is in. Once this stage has been decided, the most suitable selling program will be chosen; whether, it is a refinance mortgage or purchase, the Managed Logix solution simplifies the follow-up process. By providing loan officers with prompts, reminding them to call leads to remind these leads about appointments and meetings, the Managed Logix system is one that keeps your leads active and involved.

Our integrated system is one that will automatically send out frequent texts and emails to prospects for specific sales representatives.

Features of Managed Logix’s One Business Solution


  • – Increase the rate and speed at which qualified inquiries are responded to
  • – Create a unique brand that builds lasting relationships between businesses and their customers.
  • – Our system helps to build credibility amongst stakeholders.
  • – Create transparency for consumers and stakeholders.
  • – Accuracy in consumer profiling.
  • – Increase the rate of conversion; thus increasing revenue.
  • – Monitor sales performance and create adjustments to the system where needed.ity of your sales team.

Improve Sales Performance

Managed Logix’s sales automation solutions include Managed Logix’s LeadManager...

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Leading Cloud VOIP

Managed Logix’s range of Cloud VOIP Services is designed...

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Call Tracking

Want to have a set of tools specifically designed for your business...

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Dominate the Industry with Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Managed Logix offers industry specific solutions for your sales team that will organize and utilize the practices of your specific industry. Our system is uniquely designed to adjust and meet your industry requirements.

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Platform = Mobile + Flexible + Secure

The Managed Logix cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated, and data is secure.

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Best Class Service

Managed Logix customers have access to a team of experts who understand the best practice and can formulate strategies to address your business needs that are essential for a ‘successful implementation’. Our Support, Onboarding and Consulting services are second to none.

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Find The Perfect Managed Logix Edition for your business

Managed Logix offers a variety of editions and industries, tailored small to enterprise companies.

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Choose an Edition Perfect for Your business

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Custom Tailored

An Unfair Advantage With Managed Logix

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