Increase Policy Sales

Insurance brokers and agents have all been empowered by the use of Managed Logix’s One Business Solution. This solution has been used to maximize sales and increase productivity in various industries such as education, home, health, auto and commercial insurance. With our professional integration with the top providers of quoting engines, call center technologies and agency management systems, we offer insurance agents an efficient tool to facilitate easier and quicker quotes; thus leading to a much higher conversion rate.

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Increase Inquiries Respond Rate and Speed

With the internet being insurance agent’s biggest competitor, insurance companies need to be creative and think outside the box in order for them to convert leads into sales. The world is mobile and internet savvy and with consumers getting quotes and making purchases online, an insurance provider who is still stuck in the dinosaur era of telephone technology will lose out on the majority of insurers, if they are unable to provide callers with invaluable information, quotes and keep them in the loop when it comes to making an informed decision.

The Managed Logix solution is one that has been designed to help insurance agents convert leads received from various sources. This solution is integrated into countless real-time lead providers, web forms, marketing automation systems, inbound calls and so much more. Insurance agents on the front line will receive notifications prompting them to call qualified leads to remind them about callbacks and appointments. This system keeps leads in the loop, never leaving them unattended during the process. With the frequent texts and emails sent to leads, the Managed Logix solution is the ideal business solution for insurance companies.

The Managed Logix solution will put your business at the forefront, making it possible for you to:

  • -Automatically distribute prompt inquiries to top agents.
  • -Connect agents with leads before other companies when you respond to inquiries first.
  • -Prioritize most important leads and opportunities making it possible for agents to close the deal quickly, while eliminating time wasted on unqualified leads.
  • -Automate text and emails sent to customers and leads

Improve Sales Performance

Managed Logix’s sales automation solutions include Managed Logix’s LeadManager...

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Leading Cloud VOIP

Managed Logix’s range of Cloud VOIP Services is designed...

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Call Tracking

Want to have a set of tools specifically designed for your business...

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Dominate the Industry with Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Managed Logix offers industry specific solutions for your sales team that will organize and utilize the practices of your specific industry. Our system is uniquely designed to adjust and meet your industry requirements.

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Platform = Mobile + Flexible + Secure

The Managed Logix cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated, and data is secure.

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Best Class Service

Managed Logix customers have access to a team of experts who understand the best practice and can formulate strategies to address your business needs that are essential for a ‘successful implementation’. Our Support, Onboarding and Consulting services are second to none.

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Find The Perfect Managed Logix Edition for your business

Managed Logix offers a variety of editions and industries, tailored small to enterprise companies.

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Choose an Edition Perfect for Your business

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Custom Tailored

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