Increased Productivity with Integration and Automation

We strive to increase production and conversions by automating your business operation using a set of tools not found in other CRM systems. Find out how automation can improve your operation with Managed

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Managed Logix Integration and Automation

At Managed Logix, we aim only for the most advanced and automated solutions. Regardless of your industry; Managed Logix is designed to meet your specific business requirements.

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  • Dynamic Scripting

    Increase conversion while maintaining a consistent lead to application process For you intake department. Our Dynamic Scripting can be fully customized to match all of your company scripts such as sales, compliance, customer service etc. Great tool for new hire training and simplified A-Z client intake application process.

  • Marketing & Conversion Reporting

    Calculating your media, direct mail or web marketing efforts has never been easier. Using our Call Tracking service integration you can calculate your cost per call, cost per acquisition and marketing conversion in seconds. No more exporting and sorting of data to obtain such valuable information.

  • It’s Integrated!

    What if your entire day to day business operation was managed and tracked in one single environment. Imagine being able to auto populate and electronically sign contracts, send faxes, track your marketing efforts and do we have your attention? We are integrated with most major third party service providers from CalyxPoint to DocuSign, Fonality and hundreds of other major systems.

  • API Integrations

    Seamless bidirectional integration capabilities with any third party service provider that you currently use. Reduce the need to login to separate environments and streamline the process with our API. If you need it, we can make it happen!

Improve Sales Performance

Managed Logix’s sales automation solutions include Managed Logix’s LeadManager...

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Leading Cloud VOIP

Managed Logix’s range of Cloud VOIP Services is designed...

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Call Tracking

Want to have a set of tools specifically designed for your business...

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Dominate the Industry with Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Managed Logix offers industry specific solutions for your sales team that will organize and utilize the practices of your specific industry. Our system is uniquely designed to adjust and meet your industry requirements.

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Platform = Mobile + Flexible + Secure

The Managed Logix cloud-based platform ensures your sales team is always connected, other systems are seamlessly integrated, and data is secure.

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Best Class Service

Managed Logix customers have access to a team of experts who understand the best practice and can formulate strategies to address your business needs that are essential for a ‘successful implementation’. Our Support, Onboarding and Consulting services are second to none.

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Find The Perfect Managed Logix Edition for your business

Managed Logix offers a variety of editions and industries, tailored small to enterprise companies.

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Choose an Edition Perfect for Your business

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An Unfair Advantage With Managed Logix

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