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Managed Logix’s range of Cloud VOIP Services is designed to meet your specific Business requirements. We offer off the shelf IVR, PBX and Contact Center cloud services. Our Services allow businesses to implement state of the art VOIP solution that allows tracking and analyzing of all Business interactions.

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Why should you care about Cloud VOIP Services?

Small Business

Managed Logix’s One Business Solution allows small businesses to choose a state of the art, secured and an integrated managed business communications solution that requires no capital investment. We designed this product because we understand that with limited budget, every dollar needs to be carefully spent.

Large Business

For large businesses, Managed Logix’s One Business Solution will ensure you get maximum scalability at minimal overhead – add new users and services to suit the changing dynamics of your business.

Managed Logix’s One Business Solution is a secure, a highly customizable and integrated web-based solution that aims to transform the way
your customer interactions happen over the web and Phone.

Remove the friction that slows business momentum.

Our affordable and reliable business phone system with integrated call management and built-in collaboration tools put you in control of your business communications.

Value Propositions

Integrate your Business Processes

Our solution meets your complete communication needs while helping you to optimize call center operations and eliminate deployment and management challenges.

Bridge Communication Gap

One solution partner with a clear view of your telephony architecture and your needs ensure an efficient business process.

Focus on what matters

Having one communication partner is convenient. We listen and respond to all of your communication requests so that you can focus on what’s most important to you – your customers.

Key Features

  • CTI
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Queue Management
  • Callback Management
  • Transfer/ Hold/ Conference
  • Multiple Campaign Management Lead Management
  • Agent Desktop (Web)
  • Agent Desktop (Windows GUI)


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