Video Collaboration

HD Video Collaboration and Online Meetings

Video collaboration and conferencing is becoming increasingly popular as mobile and remote work becomes the norm. Web based meetings are an integral part of modern work practices and video collaboration brings them to life. Fonality’s HD video collaboration and screen sharing solution lets you eliminate separate, expensive video conferencing and online meeting services. You can join from your computer, smartphone or tablet and collaborate with up to 25 participants from anywhere. Fonality’s video collaboration solution is integrated with our Heads Up Display collaboration dashboard, making keeping connected even easier.

Here are just a few of the reasons that Fonality clients use our video solution to get closer to customers and employees:

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  • They Save Money

    Let’s face it, travel is expensive, time consuming and usually not a lot of fun. With video collaboration, however, you can get most of the impact of meeting face to face while staying in place. There’s no need to sacrifice relationship building to reduce the budget.

  • Remote Workers are Connected

    Many businesses are realizing that today’s technology makes it possible to hire the best person for the job, not necessarily someone who lives within commuting distance. Video collaboration makes remote work seamless and helps a distributed team stay in tune.

  • Personal Relationships are Maintained

    For many conversations, a phone call ll do, but adding a visual element to connect everyone, builds relationships and leads to understanding more quickly. Facial expressions and gestures add a great deal of context to any discussion and help people feel more deeply engaged.

  • Meetings Can be Recorded when Needed

    Because the Fonality video collaboration solution lets users record the meeting for later review, it is an excellent tool for training, demonstrations and strategic discussion. The meeting can be played back later to remind everyone of what was discussed or to bring someone who missed the meeting up to speed easily.

ManagedLogix video conferencing solution is a powerful way to enhance communications with employees, customers and partners. Engage, interact and get business done no matter the distance.

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