Student Benefit Center CRM for Mortgage Companies

Because mortgage companies have complex needs, we must first understand how these kinds of companies work. Aside from perpetually contacting existing and new prospects, mortgage companies also need to contact and follow through with both existing and previous clients who may need their service of obtaining a new loan. Some companies may have already established good ways of maintaining and implementing this type of contact but the most efficient approach would be to offer a great customer relationship management package.

Managed Logix not only offers you excellent customer relationship management. We also offer high-quality software that saves you time, money and effort by helping you deal with all of your clients in just a heartbeat. Providing you with state-of-the-art CRM is not just the best thing in our package, our system is endowed with an integrated vertical system that manages everything from beginning to the end. With this kind of system, we offer you fast, simple and accurate results that will improve your customer management at all times.

A powerful CRM system
Managed Logix has everything to provide you and your customers overall satisfaction. We offer you a complete customer relationship management system that allows you to track prospective clients across every department in your company and even across different locations. Anybody under your team can look into the data about the client and everybody else who has access to it will be able to use that information. Now, your client does not have to repeat information that needs to be provided to each and everyone in your team since anybody has an access to it anytime, anywhere.

Completely integrated verticals
Next we have the integrated mortgage system. Managed Logix makes it easy for you to manage and track calls and results just by simply typing it in your system. You don’t have to provide multiple files for everybody. Managed Logix gets the work done for you.

Our integrated verticals do not only help you track a client but also get a snapshot of where that client’s account stands. Aside from tracking current status, you can also track previous and follow-up transactions that have been done, what’s still left for you to do, records that have to be escalated and everything else that you want set and done.

There is always an automatic follow-up and it can easily be done without having to check one system to the next which definitely saves time and effort, and at the same time, cuts down possible errors into your data. Keeping your data error-free will enhance its integrity that is important in keeping customers very satisfied.

Drip email campaigns
Emails are businessmen’s best friend. They check and update it most of the time to keep up with people they are dealing with on a daily basis. A great email drip campaign is a vital part of your mortgage business.

With this, Managed Logix has partnered with SMTP to give you high-quality delivery service available for your email campaigns and give you with the best possible results. SMTP has proven to be a topnotch company with more than a decade of practice in transporting emails and making sure they are delivered where they need to go. They have set the standard that all other email delivery services follow. They have an unmatched record in the industry based on these facts:

SMTP has more deliveries than any other service around. According to statistics, even when clients have requested information, 22% of these business emails never make it to the client. SMTP has the highest deliverability rate in the industry and they will not let your drip campaigns go into waste. A lot of your money will be wasted and your time will not be restored if your emails get dumped into the SPAM folder. Make sure your message is delivered to where it should be and work with a partner that delivers the best service.

Contact Managed Logix now and experience the world of high-quality and competitive CRM and overall integrated verticals. Avoid errors which will cost you money and will smear your company’s reputation and reliability. Managed Logix will handle it all for you because you only deserve the very best!

by Scarlett Xu