Managed Logix CRM for Your Insurance Company

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system that can be used to integrate different necessary aspects into a single application. Managed Logix’ CRM can be your key to minimizing the financial losses that you will incur from trying to make sure that your customers are all updated. Instead of simply focusing on your relationships with your customers because of limited program abilities, you can now manage both your customer connections and the actual insurance forms.

This system is the perfect integrative application for the different aspects that your insurance company handles. The system can put together the information you have on current and new customers, including the programs they have availed, how much you have been spending on them, and what you have done to make sure you keep good connections with them. Putting all of these things together will definitely improve your company’s profits since it is a practical way to save effort, time and money.


Smooth interface

Managed Logix’ CRM makes your system flow smoother and easier to use. This is because all of the information you find that must be made available for each customer will be available in just a few keystrokes. The Managed Logix CRM is definitely easy to use and easy to learn, so it can be integrated with the whole company quickly, without having to worry about seminars for sessions to teach the software. Instead, the software can be up and ready for use without a fuss.

Since the accounts can be integrated in the CRM with ease, you can quickly receive a picture of how each customer is faring. In this way, you can make sure that your relationship with each customer is as good as possible.

With a simple click, you will find these things readily available to you: the status of your customer, if there is any need for customer service assistance, if the assistance has been given to them already, and if there is anything else that should be done for their account. Instead of having to use different resources just to follow up and edit the customer’s account, the CRM puts everything together to save you time and money.


State-of-the-art system

The Managed Logix CRM has the ability to put together every single part of your insurance company. The system can offer you the chance to easily access possible leads, clients, departments, and branches from within your company, making every aspect of the company available at your desk.

As a whole, this gives you the power to stay as updated as possible because you can receive your employees’ updates in real time. Once they change something in the system, you can also view it right after. This gives you the advantage of having a perfectly faultless system that will not only make your company look highly professional all the time but will also help your company work more efficiently.


Uses drip emails

Drip email campaigns have become crucial to numerous insurance companies. Because of that, Managed Logix has connected with SMTP for the best email campaigns.

SMTP is an outside company that is well known for its abilities in making sure that emails are received and sent on time, as well as other delivery services. The company is known to have high standards since they have a greater reach in contacts, as well as being the baseline for good email delivery companies. Partnering with them can ensure that your drip email campaigns are received with good results.

Our partnership with them is the perfect relationship to make sure that your campaigns will not be landing in your customers’ spam boxes. Instead, they will get your business emails in their inboxes, as opposed to the business emails that they will never even see even if they specifically requested for them. The Managed Logix CRM makes sure that your clients will receive and read your email, since we have connected with SMTP to make sure that when you ask for your emails to be delivered, your customers will receive them.

Talk to Managed Logix to get the best CRM for your insurance company, so that you can start using the integrative software that was made just for you. This way, all of your data will be safe from loss, such as when it is still necessary to go back and forth between applications. Get the Managed Logix CRM so you can improve your money usage along with much better company efficiency.