Improve Your Solar Company with our CRM

If you have always managed your solar company with applications that require you to move back and forth between them, creating both confusion and data loss at the same time, then it’s time to get up and move on. Get the new integrative software that can put together your needs to relate with current and new clients, costs, installing requirements, and other aspects necessary in managing your business: the Managed Logix CRM.

The Managed Logix CRM isn’t just a system that gives you the ability to put together all these necessary functions. Instead, it can also offer you the ability to minimize your costs in money, time, and effort since you can now see your contacts and jobs with ease.

Drip emails and the Managed Logix CRM

A drip email campaign is one of the most efficient ways to keep your clients updated about offers and other account related information that they should be informed about. However, there are many instances when the emails themselves are not received by the customer, even when the transaction has been specifically requested by the client. Aside from these times, there are also occurrences when the drip email campaigns are sent directly to a client’s spam folder, making your email quite impossible to find.

Because of these issues, the Managed Logix CRM has partnered up with SMTP, which is an email delivery company. SMTP is well known for having the highest statistics in deliverability. Aside from that, they really do their best to make sure that any emails that you send will be received by the client without any issues arising. They have had more than a decade of experience in making sure that emails are sent where they should be, which is why Managed Logix agreed to a partnership with them. Use the Managed Logix CRM and you will also be able to send informative emails that you can be sure will be read and received by your customers.

Powerful application

The Managed Logix CRM has the ability to put together different applications, seemingly without any effort. Because of this, the software gives you the power to better manage your company, whether it is a large one or not. This is made possible by the ability of the software to not only integrate different functions, but also all the different departments and branches in your company.

If you had to struggle with information editing before, you will no longer have to worry about it now. If a client gives you certain information, anyone within your company with the proper authority can edit your customer’s data, and this edition will instantly reflect on the system. This means that you can access the new account the moment it has been edited, so your company updates will be quick and efficient every single time.

Highly Integrative

Another commendable feature of the Managed Logix CRM is that it is perfectly integrative, which means that all of the information you need can be available to you in the minimum amount of time, using the smallest amount of effort.

In this way, a single application can be used for all of the people in your company, and the exchange of information about your clients no longer has to happen between different applications and different desktops. Instead, the Managed Logix CRM gives you a system where all of the tracking and information is readily available. The best thing about it must be the fact that it is user-friendly and can be used by anyone without tedious training seminars or reading long manuals.

Since it is perfectly integrated, it can give you all information on a client with a few clicks, such as a summary of a person’s account. Without spending much effort, you can find out the current status of a client, see if there are any outstanding requests from the customer, find out if there is any need for a follow-up, and even to find out if any follow-up has been done yet. No matter what it is that you might find necessary to look into when it comes to your solar company’s clientele, you can definitely do it with the Managed Logix CRM.

The Managed Logix CRM is the tool that will improve your solar company with just a few installations. It can put together your whole company and minimize both data and money loss with just a few clicks. Get to the front of the competition now when you get the Managed Logix CRM.