Customer Relations Management System for Tax Companies

Being a professional tax accountant could be very stressful. When you are handling clients you always have to make sure that every account you are managing is updated, but you know that’s not always the case. Clients check in and update you sometimes, but most of the time they only get back to you when it is already tax season – when the demands for your time is already so high.

Managed Logix CRM can help you avoid having this kind of problems by helping you systematically manage your clients more efficiently. We have a clean, easy to understand system that allows you to do away with all the unnecessary paper works. It can help you create a better data management facility viewable not only by you, but also by everyone in the office for a faster and more efficient way of finishing tasks.

Comprehensive CRM Platform

Managed Logix CRM offers a complete and comprehensive customer relationship management system that helps you track your client accounts, inquiries and other essential information from any department. Once a person enters any necessary client information, everybody will be able to look into such information. It allows everyone to be up-to-date with their work. Through it, you are given a better overview of each client’s history with your company, giving you the full advantage of preparing for each client meeting. It provides you with the opportunity to talk to them, and encourage them to avail of your services before they ever consider it.

Vertical System for Taxation

Managed Logix CRM for tax companies is not just a way to manage important information. This system also has an integrated tax vertical system that allows you to do everything you must do in one system. You don’t need another software in the office because Managed Logix CRM can do it all for you.

Through our integrated verticals, client information is easier to view and track. You are given the opportunity to see immediately the needs of your clients. Whether they lack the necessary tax forms or have not updated in a while, you will be able to track all these types of information without wasting any of your time.

You simply look into the needs of your client, identify the tasks at hand and check on your customer to ensure that all of their wants have been satisfied. You don’t need to stress over various systems to gather comprehensive client information. With Managed Logix CRM, everything you will ever need is all in just one system leaving no chance for errors and stressful department inquiries.

Email Marketing

Managed Logix CRM knows the essence of communication. Because nowadays, emails have become one of the most successful tools in getting your messages across, Managed Logix CRM will also provide you with the best service for lead management. SMTP is a great company that was able to build a successful business through delivering mails and getting them exactly to where they need to go. For this reason, we have decided to work with them in order to give you the best email delivery service experience you will ever need for your business.

With ordinary emails, the best you can get is 78% chances of getting your emails delivered to each client. Refuse to let your email marketing campaigns and messages go to waste and work with a company that truly delivers. With SMTP, you are sure to get the highest deliverability rate in the industry through its remarkable and extensive email delivery system.

If you are stressed and troubled with how you’ll be able to manage your systems, then contact Managed Logix now. We can provide you with a complete, comprehensive and easy to understand Customer Relations Management System. With Managed Logix CRM, you will surely be able to put your company to its fullest potential.