3 Reasons Why Your CRM and Communications Platform Must Work Together

3 Reasons Why Your CRM and Communications Platforms Must Work Together
As businesses grow, their list of customers grows with them. What started out as a short list of neighborhood friends may now be a large database of clients spanning several states – all with different backgrounds, personalities, and preferences.

Managing such a database is a complex task, made much more difficult by the increasing need to make businesses more customer-centric. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms were thus created in order to record collected data about people’s backgrounds, personalities, buying habits, and preferences, as a means of understanding the customer.

Businesses should remember, however, that a CRM platform is not an end in itself. Collecting information for the sake of information is not very useful if it is not integrated with other aspects of a business. In other words, the knowledge gained from a CRM platform can only go so far as it is applied.

Examples of how CRM platforms are put into good use include its integration with the product design and marketing. Through CRM, products can be molded to give customers what they want, and advertising campaigns can be created to speak directly to a company’s target market.

Few companies, however, realize that their CRM platform can also be integrated with their communications platform, which is where company representatives regularly interact with customers through customer service. Regular interaction with a customer without the information provided by a CRM can spell disaster. In fact, 6 out of 10 customers feel that when they call a company’s help desk, their needs are not resolved.

In this light, we provide you with the top 3 reasons why your CRM and communications platforms must work together in order to improve your business:

1. You will generate sales more efficiently.

With a functioning CRM platform, your sales agents will be fully equipped with all the information they need to meet their sales targets. Knowing key information such as the customer’s job, income, product preferences, and spending habits will make the sales pitch much more likely to succeed.

In addition, a CRM platform benefits follow-up calls as well. Studies show that 8 out of 10 sales calls require as much as 5 follow-ups to close the deal. However, around half of sales agents fail to make the necessary follow-ups, primarily due to giving up too early or forgetting about the call altogether. What the CRM platform brings to the table is more information. With it, agents will be able to much more easily track which customers have been contacted so that they never miss a follow-up. Agents will also be able to check on the results of the initial calls and plan the next calls accordingly, taking into consideration the background information of the clients.

Apart from the improved information, a CRM platform also allows sales agents to utilize its vast automated resources. Research shows that a sales agent will have to make 8 dials per hour just to set a single appointment. With such a limited set of hours in a day, this can be a source of inefficiency. As such, the automation brought by a CRM platform to increase appointments per hour will be a welcome addition to any sales agent.

2. Your customer service will be better.

When customers call your customer service hotline due to problems with your products, they expect to receive quick and effective service. A communications platform that is disjoint from the wealth of information of a CRM platform cannot be expected, however, to deliver this type of service.

Research shows that 2 out of 5 customers expect that a customer service representative should know their history of product issues, and that 4 out of 5 customers become extremely dissatisfied when their representatives do not have access to their account information.

With an integrated system, representatives are given much more information about the customer, such as the history of product issues experienced and the solutions that worked in the past, in order to serve the customer better. Having more information on-hand about the customer also makes things much easier. For example, when parts are needed to be delivered, the representative can just confirm if the address on record is correct instead of constantly having to ask about it. As a result, customer service will be quicker and more effective, for the benefit of all parties.

3. You will save on costs.

Communications platforms are cost centers for most companies, so a decrease in expenses is always welcome as long as it does not hamper the quality of service it provides.

Research shows that 20% of customers experience being rerouted from one representative to another without any resolution to their problem. Apart from the customer dissatisfaction this brings, this constant rerouting also clogs communication channels and takes up the time of other representatives. As a result, the cost of addressing one customer’s issue spans not just one representative, but a whole set of representatives through their countless rerouting.

The root of this problem is the lack of access to information to help the customer as most information is not centralized. But with a CRM platform, any information collected by a customer service representative is recorded in the system and shared to all other representatives. What this means is that other representatives can address the concerns of any customer just by looking at their history through the CRM, saving time and resources for all.

In addition, a CRM platform’s vast automated resources allow a company to offer advanced interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. These systems allow customers to access information about their accounts such as billing and order status without the need for an agent’s assistance. With more than half of customers preferring this option rather than calling a representative, cost savings in the long run are very possible.

Integrating your CRM and communications platforms may be difficult at first, but if properly managed and applied, the benefits you reap in the long run can more than make up for it, and help your business achieve success.

Attain Higher Visibility thru CRMS to Increase Earnings

The World Wide Web, together with similar technologies, has brought about changes to our everyday lives, and it still continues to evolve. That only means your marketing department and customers are probably using up more time communicating with each other. This may seem positive for your business’ future, however it places your current staff in danger. Remember that one of the things you should always ensure is that everyone must be on the same page whenever dealing with your customers.

Here’s where your Customer Relationship Management System comes in and proves it worth. A CRM allows all members of your company to see the same exact information on every client of yours at the same time. This is to make sure that the whole team works hand in hand rather than team members repeatedly inputting the various data time after time.

However, that’s not all CRM is all about. An ideal CRM system does more than just trace client information. Having the correct system running lets you have a better view of the full procedure. The heightened visibility supplied by a customer relationship management system is your best bet in terms of being able to scrutinize your complete sales procedure, and being able to study what works and what doesn’t.

All you need is a CRMs that permits you to grab and examine carefully specific types of data. Here are some thoughts to help get you going:

Safe and dependable database

Your customer relationship management system offers you a safe, dependable refuge to hold all of your data per client, past and current. This is critical to the process.

Befriending strangers

Your CRMs allows you to track all that you need to know about each and every one that comes into contact with your family. This begins the moment the person drops by your site as just another visitor and continues until he converts into a paying client.

From contact to client

You can utilize your CRMs to follow through contacts to trace what actually becomes of them. CRM Reporting and Analysis will regularly update you about your clients every step of the way. Make use of it to trace occurrences and to examine what could be the possible outcomes.

In summary, with a customer relationship manager system, you are able to get a better, wider picture of your company, your clients and their details, which makes it easier for you to search for answers for previous difficult issues. You’ll find out who the people in question are, where they reside, and the number of leads you’ll acquire from the different references that you use.

Aside from this, you will be able to know your leads’ qualities. What makes your leads turn to actual sales, and when do they not? Where is the source of your good leads, and where do those that don’t convert into sales come from? It is your CRM that will aid you in increasing earnings by showing you the answers to these queries by giving you more visibility of your business’ sales and marketing processes, step by step.

Invigorate Your Business with CRM

A CRM tool will reinvigorate your flagging business right at the moment you start implementing it. From the get-go, you will know who a customer is the moment they call, and as such, you would be able to hazard a guess as to the reason they are calling. Everyone working in the campaign has the same resources available and with this tool, you can come up with business reports that can tell which the performers are and which are not. This way, you will know which to focus your energy on.

What else will you need?
How about a telephony system that simplifies the process of making outbound calls, makes it possible to call 3000 people in one day, and creates a business report by simply clicking on a button? These things are possible with the use of a CRM system.

What about the old system?
If you already have a system in place, which has been effective for you before, why will there be a need to replace it? The main reason why you have to install the CRM dialer to replace the old one is increased productivity. A CRM dialer that is integrated with your system will improve and enhance the process of making outbound calls. The old dialer that you have can indeed make outbound calls, but that’s about it. The CRM, on the other hand, can do so much more.

It’s a well-established fact that your marketing campaign is all about the numbers game. Establishing a contact is very important in building and maintaining a relationship with a customer. With every contact that you have with a customer, the interaction between the two of you is increased, which could easily translate into a sale.

Establishing customer contact and generating revenues for the business follows a rigid business model. Once the process has been streamlined with less effort on the part of your sales team, there will be a lot of time spent on doing other things, which results in increased productivity.

The sales team will be able to make outbound calls with just a click of a button, and they would know right away who they are calling. This will further enhance and improve the interaction between the sales staff and the customer and will therefore increase the chances of converting the lead into a sale.

Additional features
With the CRM system, you can do a host of other things. It’s not just for making calls. The tool is tied to your database and as such, it can provide you with information that will be helpful during the decision-making process. Here are a couple of them:

• You can instantly access reports and logs to know which agent made a call, who answered it, and when it was made.
• You can monitor different campaign strategies and know which one is most effective by analyzing the results.
• You can decide then and there where to focus your marketing efforts on.

Get the complete package using the CRM
A CRM dialer can do a lot aside from making outbound calls, and this will greatly improve the quality of your customer service. A lot of money and efforts will be saved in the process of getting one. The end users will then be happy with the overall improved service – and this is all because you implemented the CRM dialer in your system.

5 Things that a CRM Cannot Do

While it is true that an engaging and interactive relationship with your customers can benefit the company, there are certain things that a CRM cannot do. However, a CRM can still be a useful resource for you to get and retain your customers. A CRM can certainly create a huge difference in a very competitive industry.

Here are just some things you should not expect CRM to do for you:

1.  Increase satisfaction.

A CRM can help you by providing knowledge about your customers. Yes, a CRM may contain relevant information about your customers – their wants and needs – but ultimately, the one who has the capability to satisfy them will be you and your staff. A CRM should be able to store everything, including negative feedback or comments and previous interactions. Use the data gathered from the CRM to create happy customers.

2.  Increase profits.

A CRM cannot increase the income of the company based on its own merits. But what it does is give you the information needed to do so. It is now your task to read the data provided by CRM and determine what to do with it to increase return of investment. The CRM is your tool; use it to your advantage.

3.  Increase market share.

CRM cannot directly help you increase your target audience or niche, but it is a useful task in providing relevant data and reports about your target audience, which you can use to enlarge market share. Use the information that you gather from CRM to come up with brilliant marketing campaigns and engaging copy that will evoke prospective customers’ interests.

4.  Retain loyal customers.

CRM can certainly guide you into the right way, but on its own, it won’t make your customers stick to your brand. Customer retention will be based on you and your company. Take note, however, that customers will keep on patronizing your business if they experience an improvement on the products and services that you provide. This is where the CRM can help you. It should be able to determine preferences of your clients. Use this to come up with new products or services based on the needs and wants presented by the data coming from the CRM tool.

5.  Reach sales quota.

Use the CRM dialer to keep track of any related information about sales, including the numbers still needed to meet quotas and goals. Use the CRM to your advantage by filtering the customers who need special attention. You can then focus your attention and strengths on them so you can win them over to your side. The end result? Increased sales numbers that can help reach your targets.

These things shouldn’t stop you from using a CRM tool. It can indirectly help you increase sales and profits, and at the same time, make customers happy that they stay with you. Just note that there will always be things that a CRM cannot do. Don’t allow these to deter you; instead, use it to focus on the things that you can change. Eventually, frequent use of the CRM will lead to an improved and healthier relationship with your clients, which will lead to profits in the long run.

CRM: Everything in One Place

A customer relationship management system is a great system that offers helpful features and ways to improve your business. However, if you plan to set up your own, you have to consider how easy or difficult it is to use. While it is true that a CRM’s purpose is to make your life easier, it isn’t really the case if you are having difficulty using it.

CRM systems boast of excellent features

Most CRMs offered in the market have plenty of features that you might need and want, but some of these CRMS features are so difficult to understand that you might as well not invest in them at all. A system that was intended to be fast and efficient would ironically be very counter-productive in the business. Not only does it become a struggle to use, but it would also be quite scary to even consider using due to the fear of missing some important data.

CRMS shouldn’t be like that. It should be a device that would allow you to not just simply gather information, but also be able to access them more easily. It should allow you to view a comprehensive information about your customers through simplified steps or keystrokes. It should allow you to effortlessly learn more about your customer so that you can flawlessly and effectively work with them better.

You have to be able to find where your customer came from. Did he become a customer because of a website? Was it through a radio ad or bus bench ad? Or was it merely through word of mouth? This key information, along with other relevant details about the customer is essential.

If it isn’t difficult to find this kind of information, then you’re halfway there. But how about putting all the information in in the first place?

Excellent CRMS should be able to make your life easy from the installation, input and output. Because it is created by people who understand your needs, it should be able to provide you with everything you need to get your work done – from entering emails, face-to-face meetings, to inputting and sorting data without a problem.

Data should be easy to input, store, manage and retrieve. If these tasks aren’t easy to do, you’re not going to expect anything from it. You might as well toss it aside and go manual. A good CRMS should be intuitive. If you can easily get good data out of it, then you should also be able to easily store information in it. Otherwise, you would never bother putting any information there in the first place.

Customer Relations Management System for Tax Companies

Being a professional tax accountant could be very stressful. When you are handling clients you always have to make sure that every account you are managing is updated, but you know that’s not always the case. Clients check in and update you sometimes, but most of the time they only get back to you when it is already tax season – when the demands for your time is already so high.

Managed Logix CRM can help you avoid having this kind of problems by helping you systematically manage your clients more efficiently. We have a clean, easy to understand system that allows you to do away with all the unnecessary paper works. It can help you create a better data management facility viewable not only by you, but also by everyone in the office for a faster and more efficient way of finishing tasks.

Comprehensive CRM Platform

Managed Logix CRM offers a complete and comprehensive customer relationship management system that helps you track your client accounts, inquiries and other essential information from any department. Once a person enters any necessary client information, everybody will be able to look into such information. It allows everyone to be up-to-date with their work. Through it, you are given a better overview of each client’s history with your company, giving you the full advantage of preparing for each client meeting. It provides you with the opportunity to talk to them, and encourage them to avail of your services before they ever consider it.

Vertical System for Taxation

Managed Logix CRM for tax companies is not just a way to manage important information. This system also has an integrated tax vertical system that allows you to do everything you must do in one system. You don’t need another software in the office because Managed Logix CRM can do it all for you.

Through our integrated verticals, client information is easier to view and track. You are given the opportunity to see immediately the needs of your clients. Whether they lack the necessary tax forms or have not updated in a while, you will be able to track all these types of information without wasting any of your time.

You simply look into the needs of your client, identify the tasks at hand and check on your customer to ensure that all of their wants have been satisfied. You don’t need to stress over various systems to gather comprehensive client information. With Managed Logix CRM, everything you will ever need is all in just one system leaving no chance for errors and stressful department inquiries.

Email Marketing

Managed Logix CRM knows the essence of communication. Because nowadays, emails have become one of the most successful tools in getting your messages across, Managed Logix CRM will also provide you with the best service for lead management. SMTP is a great company that was able to build a successful business through delivering mails and getting them exactly to where they need to go. For this reason, we have decided to work with them in order to give you the best email delivery service experience you will ever need for your business.

With ordinary emails, the best you can get is 78% chances of getting your emails delivered to each client. Refuse to let your email marketing campaigns and messages go to waste and work with a company that truly delivers. With SMTP, you are sure to get the highest deliverability rate in the industry through its remarkable and extensive email delivery system.

If you are stressed and troubled with how you’ll be able to manage your systems, then contact Managed Logix now. We can provide you with a complete, comprehensive and easy to understand Customer Relations Management System. With Managed Logix CRM, you will surely be able to put your company to its fullest potential.

Our CRM System Lets You Pay Attention to Details

The beauty of using a customer relationship management system is that it lets you get into the details that are often left unnoticed in the daily grind. This, on top of knowing the basic needs of your clients, is one of the main objectives of the CRM system.


CRM systems provide reports and analysis

If you are a business owner, one of the reasons why you should consider having a CRM system is because you want to conveniently track your sales, trends and your customers purchasing habits. Should you even rely on the traditional method of tracing? Not when you don’t have the time! Not only is the traditional method time-consuming – but it is also expensive. Imagine the hours and money you need to spend on identifying and entering all of the much needed information and converting it into a format that is more readable.

But Managed Logix’ CRM system can take care of this critical marketing duty so you wouldn’t be hassled. It is in the CRM’s nature to give you all that you need so you can find out about your customers with just a few clicks. All you need is to request for it.

Your CRM system is able to provide you will all the necessary analytics and reports that you would like to look for in order to find the solutions to the problems you have. Discover with ease who purchases what, which of your items are bestsellers, and which are slow-movers.

Is your selling pipeline working? Your CRM reports shall give you the answer so you’ll know if it is efficient or not. With just a few clicks, you will be able to find out the answers to these issues plus much more, coming from the consolidated storage of data built into the CRM.


Our CRM system offers optimized collaboration

One of the advantages of being on a CRM platform is that your company is in sync with all the happenings around. Everyone is able to access the same reports and able to see the same information. No need to point and blame someone when a problem comes up. The ideal customer relationship management system irons things out easily as all of the members access the same data. It keeps everything transparent.

In effect, customer service, sales and marketing departments can collaborate better towards teamwork. Objectives become more attainable, and these are done quicker. The other tasks that are smaller but equally important can be handled by the CRM system, allowing you and your workers to concentrate on their specialized duties.


So how does CRM make you pay attention to details?

Imagine having to spend hours just to make sure that your records are updated. How about paying for additional assistants who will schedule your meetings and make sure you attend to them? There is usually one or two persons specifically assigned to doing these tasks. They may be quite monotonous but necessary, and paying attention to them is critical.

Not to worry, as these are just some of the tasks that your CRM system can handle for you. When you employ a CRM system, adjustments are done fast and in one place. You can have a master scheduler that gets programmed to individual calendars automatically. In effect, you save more time, more money, and even avoid miscommunication errors. In other words, your CRM looks into the small details for you.

What does CRM stand for?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems exist for as long as there are customers and businesses. It is not the first time that CRMs appeared as a business jargon; in fact, it has been there since trade started. And as we go along with the progressive development of the world, of course, we also have to consider upgrading our CRM.


Although, we believe that the only permanent thing in the world is change, we also agree that some things just have to stay as it is with a few touch ups. Like the goal of CRMs to blend businesses together with effective marketing efforts not just to gain new customers but to keep them as well. You don’t want to blow your money just by letting go of every unsatisfied customer because you failed to deal with what they needed and wanted. Aside from losing customers, you also don’t want to have a tarnished reputation to prospective customers when they learn about how you lost some clients. Of course, nobody wants that, right?


Because we are living in a progressive world with plenty of technological advancements, you also have to raise the bar and not settle with old-fashioned ways of handling a business. Your customers will always look for more and sometimes compare with your business competitors so it’s always better to step up your game. Awareness and improvement are essential keys to maintain a high-quality business environment to keep your customers who have high expectations very, very satisfied.


This is how Customer Relationship Management helps you: by knowing and understanding ahead what your customers need and want and to design your marketing plan based on their expectations. With this, you can assure your customers that everything is well-planned before business completion.


By keeping your customers impressed with a concrete marketing plan and business design, they will keep your service and not eye for another company to handle their concerns. You know what they need, want, and expect. What more can they ask for?


Even if the goal of CRM today is almost still the same as in the past, remember that the competition gets tougher as time progresses. The most effective way to step up your battle is with a strong and competitive customer relationship management system that is very manageable, easy to use, handles everything for you, and gives you more time dealing with your customers’ needs and expectations.

CRM Systems Keep Things Intact

In wanting your business to achieve success, you have to accept the fact that things have evolved through time. Customers are not just looking for businesses close to them, as the Internet lets them search all over the globe to find what they’re looking for. Though it may not be sensible to do so, the Internet gives a wide coverage. And even if your company tends to fall in a listing that needs to be local, you’re still required to cope with the internet.

Using the power of social media

Social media is definitely here to stay – people are into it, and everyone can create content. If you would like your business to flourish in this digital era, you are obliged to maintain favorable connections with your customers. There should be a compelling motivation for them to come to you and stick with you instead of them looking for another company to invest their resources with.

Online customer service through your website

Similarly, you would want to be in a situation where you can benefit from the possible customers looking for a fresh company to transact with. Set up a favorable online visibility of your own and make sure it is user friendly. Arrange your website in such a way that customers can find the answers to the questions in their heads on their own. They will surely be grateful to find the information they need available 24/7, and that you’ll be equipping them with excellent customer service to begin with, so that they wouldn’t need to talk to a real person.

What to put in your site? Include FAQs, videos, applications for download, and setup an online community so people can talk about their issues with fellow customers.

Organize things with your CRM

Once you get your customers’ information, then it should also eventually land in the customer relationship management system. This will allow you to trace back the requirements and concerns of possible customers, helping you serve them more efficiently. Your CRM system will give you every online potential customer with smooth service by collecting and recalling critical customer information.

Making an effort to heed their needs, this will make your customers feel important. Your staff can be more efficient in their work because of the easy access to critical customer data. They can also easily collaborate since they are all together on the same page. It is the ideal marriage between customer service and technology, which will lead to satisfied customers and sharing positive reviews on social networking sites.

Even better, when these potential customers go directly to your company, all of your company members get access to the same data. You will be able to find out what they are looking for, what their issues or concerns are, and other pertinent data about them.

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Gaining Customer Trust with CRM Systems

In business, the after service for a particular service or product is something that many are concerned about. There are businesses that tend to forget the after-sales service, concerned more about consummating a sale and eventually forgetting their customer after.

While there are companies that have customer relations departments, manual means is a thing of the past. These days, companies intend to grow, and hence, the need to invest in a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) has become a prime need. Some entities may find the investment too much and something they can opt not to get. However, all that changes once the customer database starts to grow and the need to properly address their concerns sinks in.

Technology has actually made it easier for businesses these days, making it possible to address customer concerns with a single click. A CRM system makes browsing customer information easier. Aside from that, other customer relationship employees are able to pull out records and view their history.

This way, they can more or less gauge if customer concerns are addressed, not to mention identify recurring problems which may require deeper attention.


A CRM system covers more ground

A Customer Relationship Management system can gain larger ground in the long run. Aside from the fact that it is a modern way of handling customers, it weeds out the potential issues of person-to-person interaction. This includes having to backtrack on a customer’s history which is practically like starting from scratch.

With a CRM system present, you are able to cover a larger volume of customers. On such days, the likeliness of restless clients may ensue and result in a not so good ending.

But thanks to the efficiency that a CRM system brings, everything can be easily addressed and resolved, all with a single click. This limits the possibility of dissatisfied customers, not to mention ones that may decide to stop doing business with you in the future.


Keeping customers happy

With growing companies, a busy and high volume day is not surprising. Hence, a CRM system can do its part especially when the customer representative needs to make an immediate check on the customer’s records. After skimming and looking at the customer information, buckling down and addressing the concern at hand can be discussed and eventually resolved from there.

This is a big improvement compared to before when people would have to write notes to be guided on a customer’s information and transaction history. That alone is time-consuming which may not sit well with waiting customers.

But now, the modern age has changed all that. Customer reps can easily keep track of their clients where pertinent information and reminders can be easily seen.

With an advanced setup, all employees have to do is recall the customer record and skim through the individual’s information. In most cases a history of their complaints and issues is likewise present, keeping employees up to date on the customer’s status.

Customers love attention

Good or bad, anybody who has complaints or queries will always want to be given attention. Ideally for companies who make use of a CRM system, the initial input of data will be the hardest. But once you update the client record when needed, everything should be easy sailing from there.